More About Mario Brcic

I am passionate about seizing and managing growth opportunities, applied research into AI/OR, leading and mentoring teams of aspiring engineers and researchers. Effective alignment and cooperation across different scales intrigue me as a way to create a harmonious, fair, and flourishing future for humanity. Collaborations with industry partners are my favorite source of inspiration, both from social and research aspects. Especially so when we create added value with beneficial effects for all the involved parties.

I currently serve as an Advisor for Data Science and AI at startup Huddle Gaming Inc. and work as an Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.


Working as a reviewer for many respected journals, international conferences, and project proposals for foreign science foundations gives me a way to contribute back to the scientific community.

Professional associations such as IEEE, ACM, Croatian Operations Research Society (CRORS), The International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS), and Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO) are the places where I meet like-minded people.

Research Interests

Some of my research interests include operations research, machine learning, reinforcement learning, stochastic combinatorial optimization, deep learning, scheduling, value alignment, AI safety, and simulation.

Main Research Focus

Operations research & artificial intelligence for alignment

The field of AI safety and business strategy share similar issues regarding value alignment. Multiple actors, human or AI agents, need to coordinate their efforts to reach harmonious outcomes. This means working with complex socio-economical systems which need to be managed through delegated control and emergent culture and ethics. Today’s tools in OR and AI make these problems more reachable.


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